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Ica's History

Ica is a great historical area's first inhabitants date back to 10,000 years old, saw the growth of cultures such as Paracas, Wari, Nazca and Ica.

Located on the southern coast of Lima. It is an oasis amidst the desert plains of Peru. It is the only south coast consists of plains, coastal plains also called since the Andes rises far inland.

Ica was inhabited by people belonging to the Paracas and Nasca (2500 BC - 1400 AD). This historical period is characterized by the rational use of water and desert terrain. Also stood out for their outstanding skills in making pottery, textiles, metalwork and fishing to countless marine species.

The June 17, 1563, Don Luis Jerónimo de Cabrera founded the first Hispanic seat with the name of Villa de Valverde de Ica. Years later in 1568 because of the earthquakes, moved to a new location and name of San Jerónimo de Ica. Finally, after several changes, set in place currently occupied and is recognized as a city. One of the most important events took place in the main square of the city on October 20, 1820, when Juan José Salas, mayor of Ica was the first cry liberator in the Peru National proclaiming independence.

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